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Plasma Flat Panel Televisions

Recall program

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Philips participates in voluntary recall programs when a product is shown to cause a potential safety hazard.

Plasma Flat Panel Televisions

On certain Philips branded Plasma Flat Panel Televisions, arcing by capacitors can pose a safety risk. Only certain 42 and 50 inch, 2005 Philips Plasma Flat Panel Televisions with Ambilight technology are affected. Ambilight is a feature that projects a soft light onto the wall behind the TV to enhance the display.


(If the type number or production date of your appliance does not appear in the form below, your product is not within the affected batch)

The affected units were manufactured with the following model, date codes, and serial numbers:

 Model  Display Type  Production Began  Production Ended  Beginning Serial range  Ending Serial range
 42PF9630A/37  Plasma  April 2005  July 2005  AG1A0518xxxxxx  AG1A0528xxxxxx
 50PF9630A/37  Plasma  May 2005  August 2005  AG1A0519xxxxxx  AG1A0533xxxxxx
 50PF9630A/37  Plasma  June 2005  August 2005  YA1A0523xxxxxx  YA1A0534xxxxxx
 50PF9830A/37  Plasma  June 2005  August 2005  AG1A0526xxxxxx  AG1A0533xxxxxx

If you have one of these units listed above, please call Philips at 1-888-744-5477 for additional information.

The model and serial numbers can be found on the back of the TV on the label that looks like this example:

Consumers should follow the instructions below to turn off the Ambilight feature on affected units until the repair is completed.

The affected batches: